How to Survive an Animal Attack and Tell the Story
September 4, 2019
Lidia Bertesteanu

Exploring mountain trails can be thrilling and fun, but there’s more to a hike than just having the proper hiking equipment and companions along. 

Imagine you suddenly run into a wild and unpredictable forest friend. What’s the best way to respond to this animal encounter? How do you  prevent or survive from an animal attack?

It really depends on what animal you come across, and first of all, it’s of high importance to be prepared and do your homework before setting out for a hike.

For the best solutions and advice, check out our fun guide below of DOs and DON’Ts on how to survive an animal encounter with:


While there are tips that can get us out of trouble when facing an animal encounter, it’s always best to prevent than have to manage an attack head on.

Therefore, make sure above all, that you research beforehand the wild animals you might find in your area, and keep a safe, and preferably long distance from them. After all, trying to avoid them altogether is the best option at hand.

You can find more details about how to survive a specifc encounter with a wild animal in the posts below. 

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