RestlessBackpacker.com was founded in 2018 as a hub for passionate backpackers that want to share their stories with fellow adventurers. After realizing that it’s impossible to travel the whole world, climb every mountain, and explore every trail, the solution presented itself in the shape of a website where hikers could share their backpacking and trekking stories. 

View from the top, Norway

Hiking, Norway

Down the mountain, Norway

Going up, Norway

Mountain peak, Norway

View of Jepii Mici, Bușteni, Romania

Hiking, Bușteni, Romania

Waterfall, Bușteni, Romania


Corina loves to travel in her home country of Romania and explore the local mountain trails with her friends. Trev made it his goal to conquer the peaks of the United Kingdom and document it on his YouTube channel. Last, but certainly not least, Shawn explores the forests and natural parks of the United States. 

Our Goal

We love to go out and explore mountain trails and then take our readers on a virtual journey on winding mountain paths that lead to breathtaking scenarios.

Our ultimate goal is to create a tight community where everybody can feel welcomed to share their own personal stories.

Piatra Craiului Mountains (“Prince’s Stone”), Romania

Daniil Sihastrul hermit house, Suceava County, Romania

Prislop Pass, Maramureș County, Romania

Meet the Team


Main Editor

It’s been a couple of years since I started exploring the great outdoors. Up until then, I was mesmerized by stories about the beauty and freedom one experiences when finishing a climb, but never really managed to muster up the courage to hit the trail myself.

While I did hike on short, easy trails just so I could get in touch with nature and embrace the soul-calming vibes you can only experience while deep within a forest, the true test came when I hiked the Jepii Mici mountains in Romania with a couple of friends.

I must say, I never felt more terrified or alive in my life. What supposed to be a 5-hour hike transformed into a 9-hour endurance test where we felt like “this is it, this is how I die, I’m never reaching the top) but kept on climbing until we reached the top (second picture).

During these 9 hours I:

  • Climbed giant boulders using a rusty chain meant to help much more experienced backpackers.
  • Came across numerous shrines erected for those braver than I but with a tragic fate.
  • Managed (somehow) to keep my wits about myself while slowly (and I mean slowly) traversing a very steep and very narrow path that was flanked by the mountain on the right and a giant drop on the left.

When I reached the top I felt like a winner. I felt invincible. You know that iconic Jack and Rose scene on the Titanic where they climb the rails on the front of the ship? Well, I was the queen of the world. That’s when I got hooked, so to speak.

Right now, for me, climbing a mountain is equal to rebooting my system. I’m a worrier and a perfectionist, so my brain always has multiple tabs open. But when I’m on a trail, it gets quiet, it gets peaceful, I feel like I can breathe again and enjoy nature’s untouched beauty. I know, it sounds like a cliche, but until you know what it’s like to feel pure joy while sitting 20 minutes in front of a moss-filled fallen tree trunk to observe the patterns left by time and forest creatures, you shall not cast a stone.

As for my goals, I want to keep on hitting smaller trails until I feel confident enough to climb the Moldovan Peak (2,544 meters), the highest in Romania. And who says I’ll stop there?

PS: I forgot to mention that climbing managed to help me keep my fear of heights in check.



I am an avid outdoor lover. The outdoors to me is the best medicine for stress and anxiety. I feel that escaping the modern edge of technology and automation that we are so used to in our lives helps to make us stronger and healthier as human beings. You can frequently find me exploring my local National Forest, state parks and any other public lands that I can get myself to. My favorite kinds of forested environments are those with huge bluffs and extraordinary rock formations. I can never get enough of these special places.

My outdoor journey started a few years ago when I realized that I was overweight and leading a very unhealthy lifestyle at a very young age. It scared me. I decided to buy a mountain bike and start riding every couple of weekends. The first time back on a bike since I was a kid was enough to get me hooked. It turned into an every weekend thing for me and eventually caused me to purchase my first road bike which turned into an every day activity. I lost a lot of weight for bicycling. I started making healthier decisions and I finally regained control of my life.

After cycling so much, I started to burn out on it and that scared me. I didn’t want to go back to my old unhealthy ways. I found hiking to be a great balance to enjoy both activities and remain healthy. My hiking activities eventually caused me to create a YouTube channel to show the local trails to my family and friends. Little did I know, that YouTube channel would awaken a local fan-ship and transform me into a regional celebrity. Now after 1,000+ subscriber later, and nearly 400 videos – YouTube has turned my hiking hobby into a lifelong passion. Because I want to get video all the time, I am always out and it has increased my health benefits. I honestly feel younger now in my 30s than I did when I was in my 20s.

Hiking and outdoors isn’t just a hobby, it’s life for me.



Three years ago, my life felt as though it belonged to someone else. Stuck in an 8-5 job, 5 days a week, breaking my back to line someone else’s pockets, losing a grip of a passion for filmmaking that I never followed up; I was in a rut, to say the least. That was until I discovered walking.

Having before considered owning hiking boots or a backpack, the transformation that hiking provided me not only had a positive effect on my health and well-being, but it also steered me away from the self-deprecating negativity that had been holding me back these past years. All of a sudden, with a healthier mind and positive attitude, I began to swap the debilitating “why me?” thoughts with the positive thoughts of “what next?” and took control of my own life one step at a time.

With my friend Nathan, we took to the challenge of conquering the big three peaks of England (Scafell Pike), Wales (Snowdon) and Ben Nevis (Scotland), with regular training on our home turf of Dartmoor, documenting our adventures on our YouTube channel Summit or Nothing, a channel that would feed the hunger in me to create film and video. Three years on, I have walked over 100 square miles of Dartmoor, hiked up numerous mountains in the UK and have completed over 200 miles of the South West Coast Path and have camped in some of the most amazing locations the UK has to offer. And the best part? That this is just the start!

Not only have I felt the benefits of walking, but now, my family, too, have taken to the outdoors, and walks on Dartmoor and around the countryside have become a great way for us to create some precious memories.

Hiking, the Great Outdoors and the running of our YouTube channel has helped to motivate and steer my life in directions that I would never have foreseen, but that have ultimately carved a new path for me to follow, and one that seems to open new doors for me every day. I am so glad that I found walking and would recommend it to anyone who is in need of a little direction.