Best Hiking Boots for Men Top 10 2019
December 16, 2019

As discussed previously in our socks article, the most important attribute for a hiker is their feet. To get you comfortably and safely from one destination to another, it is imperative that your footwear is up to the job. 

We set out to make a list of the top 10 best hiking boots for men because having done a lot of trekking and mountain hiking myself, I have seen many others try tackling some of the biggest peaks in the UK in inadequate footwear such as urban trainers, or even flip-flops.

As I pass them with ease, it is clear to see that they are struggling to say the least – not only are they not comfortable over the terrain and distance, they can also be dangerous. 


The Perfect Hiking Boots 

Must have features

  • hard wearing and durable
  • essential attributes that contribute to your safety
  • waterproof, yet breathable, keeps moisture and water out and helps avoid foot rot
  • midsoles designed to absorb the shock, protecting not just your feet but the joints of your ankles and your knees as you step repeatedly, especially on the descent of a mountain
  • soles designed for the job of getting you up, down or across any terrain, with chunky treads that offer grip and stability
  • raised heel that reduces chance of slipping on the way down a mountain
  • high ankles cuffs that prevent you from twisting your ankle


Additional features

  • although it isn’t imperative, it can also be a great idea to own a variety of boots for different terrains or seasons.


Let’s take a look at the best hiking boots on the market today. I own and have tried half of the products below.

Haven’t tried the others but they come highly recommended. I would love to be given the chance to test them in the future. Perhaps you can let us know if you have had any experience with these boots.

After considering my experience and after a considerable amount of research online and through numerous hiking / mountaineering publications, I have compiled the following list with the best hiking boots for men.

ProductSeasonRecommended ForOur VerdictPrice
Meindl Bhutan MFS Hiking Boots
All seasonsHiking, trekkingBest all-round hiking boots for menCheck Price

Berghaus Hillmaster ll GTX Hiking Boots
All year roundHiking, Trekking, MountaineeringBest waterproof Hiking boots for menCheck Price

Hi-Tec Altitude Lite Hiking Boots
Summer, Autumn, Spring, WinterHiking, trekking, mountain hikingBest low-cost hiking boots for menCheck Price

Zamberlan Vioz GTX
All Year RoundHiking, Trekking, Endurance, MountaineeringBest hiking boot for multi day trekkingCheck Price

Anatom V2 Vorlich
Summer, spring, early autumnLight hiking and hill walkingBest hiking boot for the moneyCheck Price

Salomon Ultra Mid 3 GTX
Spring - autumnHiking, trekkingBest lightweight hiking boots for menCheck Price

Best Hiking Boots for Men

10. Keen Galleo Mid Boot

MaterialNubuck Leather
Available SizesUK 7-12
SeasonSpring - Autumn
Recommended forHill walking - hiking
Our Verdictbest all-round hiking boot


First of all, the Keen Galleo, a mid-priced boot, is a fantastic all-rounder which boasts attributes such as comfort, durability, stability and quality.

Secondly, with a Nubuck leather upper, this hiking boot is tough, designed for year-round hiking. In addition, it offers fantastic protection from any debris that you may find on your trail, yet its synthetic collar lining reduces any chance of abrasion or irritation

Also, the Keen Galleo has a chunky sole, with stability shank reinforcing, which limits flexibility a little. However, in spite of that, its PU midsole and heel cushion reduce shock whilst the metatomical EVA footbed boosts comfort.



Slightly limited flexibility.

9. KARRIMOR Jaguar Event Hiking Boots

MaterialNubuck Leather, Suede, Mesh
Available SizesUS 7-14
SeasonAutumn-Winter, Spring-Summer, Spring, Summer, Winter, etc
Recommended forRunning, Hiking, Trekking, etc
Our VerdictBest hiking boots for value

Next up, the Karrimor Jaguar Event is a quality mid-priced pair of hiking boots, with a somewhat science fiction looking design. These were my boot of choice for a long while, seeing me through walks up mountains, along the coast path and across Dartmoor.



First of all, the boots are a good fit with great ankle support. And equally important, they have a well cushioned sole that makes your footfall seem lighter than most.

Secondly, the boots have a high cut cuff which really grips and protects the ankle.  Additionally, it also boasts a number of great design features that for the price are effective. For instance, the eVent fabric technology that makes them both waterproof and breathable, and a frame flex chassis which allows natural movement.

Moreover, they also contain D30 cushioning technology for added comfort and a dual density Phylon midsole for additional shock absorption.



The only flaw I find with these boots is that their sole isn’t the best grip and in wet conditions. For one thing, extra care is required to prevent slipping, even with the Dynagrip technology and 3D moulded heel and toe bumper in place.

Likewise, having a mesh and fabric outer skin means that they are not really suitable to walking in boggy terrain like Dartmoor during the wet winter seasons.


SoleVibram Rubber
Available SizesUS 8 – 14
SeasonSpring - Autumn
Recommended forHill walking - hiking
Our VerdictBest hiking boot for precision hiking


As with the previous examples, the Peak GTX Hiking boot is also a mid-priced synthetic boot. It is from the quality manufacturers Scarpa and has many attributes. For example, its suede and nylon design are flexible whilst also tailored to give the utmost support.

Besides that, a breathable Gore-Tex membrane which promotes airflow is paired with a wicking to remove moisture. As a result, the boot is kept comfortable and lightweight, whilst the flex point cuff gives the ankle more room to move.

Lastly, its vibram rubber sole gives fantastic grip and a precision foothold on unstable ground, yet if there is any wear, the sole can be easily replaced. It also has a considerably tough toe, for extra protection.

In other words, this hiking boot is a great product for the price.



Some feel that it may be slightly on the narrow side.


7. Hi-Tec Altitude Lite Hiking Boots

MaterialFabric and Leather
SoleMDT Rubber
Available SizesUS 7 - 14
SeasonSummer, Autumn, Spring, Winter
Recommended forHiking, trekking, mountain hiking
Our VerdictBest low-cost hiking boots for men

This budget pair of hiking boots is not to be sniffed at. They got me out of a jam when my very first pair of hiking boots disintegrated on the side of a mountain, and I was forced to buy a new pair at a very moderate price; but they have repeatedly made me proud over varying terrain.



Firstly, with a waterproof yet breathable suede and mesh outer skin, the Hi-Tec Altitude Lite is up to most walks I put them through. Although they are made of a relatively lightweight suede material, the boots boast a dri-tec water proof membrane and also i-shield technology that helps to generate both comfort and protection from the elements.

Above all, they are comfortable, tight fitting and the hard mdt rubber sole offers a terrific grip, whilst its steel shank diminishes the load baring strain between the soles and the calves over longer distances.

Moreover, the boots are of a high cut, which offers fantastic support and greatly reduces the chance of an unfortunate twisted ankle. Also, they have a gusseted tongue, which helps to prevent excess water or any small stones or other debris from penetrating the boot and causing annoyance on the trail, and an abrasion resistant heel and toe that protects the boot from adverse terrain.

Overall, the Hi-Tec Altitude Lite has seen me put many miles of the South West Coast Path behind me.



Nevertheless, if I were to venture onto Dartmoor during a considerably wet season, I would usually opt for a leather boot, if only for peace of mind. 

Also, they are not the most visually attractive hiking boot on the market.

6. Mammut Trovat GTX

MaterialNubuck Leather, GoreTex
Available SizesUS 9.5-12.5
SeasonAll Year Round
Recommended forHiking, Trekking, Endurance, Mountaineering
Our VerdictBest hiking boot unstable terrain


First of all, the Mammut Trovat GTX is a boot that has earned a healthy reputation as a durable boot, ideal for adverse terrain. It’s a high-end boot, and therefore it comes at a high-end price, but with the confidence of quality for the price.

Secondly, made of supple nubuck leather, the Trovat is as flexible as you would like with a leather boot, and combined with nappa leather it gives it a suede like velvety visage.

Moreover, its over the ankle support and Rolling concept feature create a sturdy yet comfortable ankle support whilst helping to encourage the foot’s natural movement, which reduces fatigue.

Furthermore, the Gore-Tex membrane offers additional quick drying water resistance and increases the air flow within the boot. And most importantly, its solid Vibram traction sole with chunky tread effectively enhances grip on even the most unforgiving terrain.



High-end price.

5. Anatom V2 Vorlich

Available SizesUK 7-12
SeasonSummer, spring, early autumn
Recommended forLight hiking and hill walking
Our VerdictBest hiking boot for the money

Next up we have a cheaper boot that proves to be great value for the money. The Anatom V2 Vorlich is engineered in Scotland, therefore the manufacturers have some fantastic and arduous terrain in which to test their product.



Firstly, it’s a lightweight boot which is made from a highly abrasive resistant polyester and suede. The manufacturers claim these help enable a snug fit.

What is more, extra comfort is gained by the rich padding within the heel cuff and tongue which reduces chafing, offers additional support and at the same time prevents loose debris from entering the boot.

Additionally, it has a Tri.Aria waterproof membrane which helps airflow, whilst the BioForm Ultralite Footbed gives great comfort to the sole of your foot. This footbed has anti-bacterial properties. Hence, It also prevents foot odour.

Although the design is reasonably simple and the technology isn’t ground breaking, it is a hard-wearing boot which is recommended for newcomers for strenuous hiking.



Simple technology.

4. Berghaus Hillmaster ll GTX Hiking Boots

SoleRubber Vibram
Available SizesUS 10 - 14
SeasonAll year round
Recommended forHiking, Trekking, Mountaineering
Our VerdictBest waterproof Hiking boots for men

I was fortunate enough to have won this pair of boots when a letter that I wrote was chosen as the Letter of the month in a national UK walking magazine.

Berghaus is a name that resounds across the outdoors community, and the Hillmaster Boot was no exception – with many innovations that held it in high regard with hikers and helped it become the UK’s best-selling hiking boot.

The guys at Berghaus are so confident in their products that they offer a lifetime guarantee. Although a little more expensive than many boots, the Hillmaster ll has been continually upgraded since its release in the mid 90’s.



First of all, it now boasts additions such as memory foam tongue and ankle pad which moulds to your own feet for additional comfort. Besides those, it has a breathable gore-tex lining which works to keep water out and remove any moisture from within. In addition, the boots have a Vibram rubber anti-clog sole and anti-shock mid sole.

At the same time, they still contain the principle design attributes such as high step heel, gusseted tongue and a fixed lace cleats to create a tight fit across the ankle front.

To sum up, I do like these boots, you can tell that they are durable, and as long as I look after them by applying wax or a waterproof dubbing in between uses, then I am sure that they will last a long time.



The only quibble that I have with them is that the mid-height ankle support is to me worse than having none at all, in that I have been lulled into a false sense of security and have almost twisted my ankle on a few occasions, more than with any other pair.

That is to say, a full height boot supports your ankle whereas with a low-cut trainer you know to take more care.

3. Zamberlan Vioz GTX

MaterialFull Grain Leather, GoreTex
Available SizesUS 8 – 14
SeasonAll Year Round
Recommended forHiking, Trekking, Endurance, Mountaineering
Our VerdictBest hiking boot for multi day trekking


The Zamberlan Voiz GTX is reported to be a great hiking boot which has an interesting aesthetic design. Most importantly, it’s impeccably engineered to bring both comfort and endurance for multi day hiking.

Despite the top end price, it’s also a high-end technical boot crafted to perfection with many unique features.

Firstly, the leather outer skin is coated in a unique Hydrobloc water resistant coating, which also adds to the comfort and the climate control of the boot, as does the fast-drying Gore-tex lining.

Secondly, its chunky heel and stiff sole may seem cumbersome and hefty, however, they are in fact designed to incorporate a well cushioned mid sole and also the unique Zamberalan flex system, ‘a unique multi-directional joint’, meant to improve momentum and overall stability on steep or rough terrain.

Lastly, an important point to be mentioned. Available for both men and women, the men’s version of this boot comes in standard and wide sizes for those hikers with wider feet.



Top end price.

Chunky heel and stiff sole.

2. Salomon Ultra Mid 3 GTX

MaterialSynthetic (outer) / Fabric (inner)
SoleGum Rubber
Available SizesUS 7 – 14
SeasonSpring - autumn
Recommended forHiking, trekking
Our VerdictBest lightweight hiking boots for men

These boots are the closest to a trainer or sports boot that I own, and they are not only considerably lightweight, but also actually very robust.



A splendidly tight foot, they comfortably hug my foot, keeping it in place and supporting my ankle so that there seems to be very limited movement inside the boot, which is great to prevent any slippage or abrasion whilst walking.

Besides the standard features found on most boots, such as gusseted tongue and protective toe cap, the Solomon Ultra GTX also boasts Chevron lugs designed to enhance grip and traction on soft ground. What is more, the Contagrip tread is meant to improve durability and stability whilst the EnergyCell midsole decreases shock. 

Additionally, Its mesh and leather outer skin means that it’s highly breathable, moisture resistant and quick drying in wet conditions whereas the OrthoLite insole technology really improves comfort.

In short, these boots make a lot of difference when out on the trail, especially over longer distances, when the weight of a boot can really weigh you down.

I first wore them trekking in the mountains of the Lake District, and at first I thought that they were going to be too tight, however, the fit was astounding and as I got into the walk it was almost as though I had no boot on at all.

1. Meindl Bhutan MFS Hiking Boots

MaterialLeather (Outer)
SoleGum Rubber
Available SizesUS 8 – 15
SeasonAll seasons
Recommended forHiking, trekking
Our VerdictBest all-round hiking boots for men

Finally, we’ve reached our top pick from the list of the best hiking boots for men 2019.

Even before you get them out of the box, you can tell that Meindl are at the top of the league. The decorative box boasts ‘Shoes for Activities’ across a beautiful panoramic landscape.

On the underside of the box is a list of classifications so you know which boots are suited to which terrain. The Bhutan is a B rated boot which means that it is ideal for lengthy walks and comfortable hikes in an alpine landscape.

Open the box and the boots come with a tidy little booklet, which contains information on the boots, the company, the warranty and an in-depth instruction of how to maintain your boot.



First of all, although the Meindl Bhutan may be a heavier boot than many in this list, its quality and durability can be identified immediately. Handmade with a Nubuck leather exterior, a multigrip Vibram gum rubber sole, breathable Gore-Tex lining and a memory foam system means that these boots are comfortable, hard wearing and great over long periods.

Secondly, the inside seems really soft to touch, too.

I was keen to wear these and so took them for a walk on Dartmoor, where the terrain is often hard going, uneven and wet, and they were an impressive boot which gave me great ankle support and kept my feet both comfortable and dry throughout.

My next challenge for them was to try them on a mountain, and so I walked them to the top of England’s 3rd tallest mountain, Helvellyn, with no issues or unsure footing at any point during the climb.



Heavier in weight compared to other boots from this list.


In brief, that was a run down on my Top 10 Best Hiking Boots for Men, and some great boot choices across the price range, bearing in mind various conditions and distances.


On the whole, it’s worth bearing in mind that the choice of boot is only a part of a comfortable hike, and that with any descent boot, a good pair of socks is also worth considering, so be sure to check out our sock review too.

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