Best Waterproof Backpacks 2019: Top 3 Choices Reviewed
November 19, 2019

Every adventurer carries a backpack with them to store food, water, first aid, and other essentials. Sometimes, the trek you plan to make can be unpredictable, especially when it comes to the weather and terrain.

This is where waterproof backpacks come in handy and will give you peace of mind as you store things inside without having to worry about water damage.

Below, we’ll show you a few of the best waterproof backpacks that can fit your liking and individual preferences and briefly go over their main features.

ProductSeasonRecommended ForOur VerdictPrice
Chaos Ready Waterproof Backpack
Chaos Ready Waterproof Backpack
All seasonsVarious outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, sailing, rafting, and surfing.Best hiking socks to prevent blistersCheck Price
Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack
Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack
All seasonsBoating, camping, rafting/kayaking, fishing, outdoor tripsBest socks for all year round hikingCheck Price
ZOMAKE Ultra Lightweight Waterproof Backpack
ZOMAKE Ultra Lightweight Waterproof Backpack
All seasonsThe minimalist packer who enjoys a sleek and stylish look and goes on short day-long adventures.Best hiking socks for warm weatherCheck Price

Chaos Ready Waterproof Backpack

MaterialHeavy Duty 500 PVC Tarpaulin
WeightApproximately 1 pound
Product Dimensions12 inches wide and 24 inches in depth
SeasonAll seasons
Recommended forVarious outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, sailing, rafting, and surfing.


This is one of the best waterproof backpacks and is practical for any activities outdoors near water and is sealed tight to prevent water damage to the contents inside. It’s equipped with mesh sides and has an easily accessible front pocket that makes it effortless to keep any accessories.

It can carry up to 22 liters in items which is plenty of space for you to hold items for a weekend trip. Additionally, the Chaos Ready backpack has padded shoulders so that you’re comfortable when you’re carrying your pack up a mountain or across rivers.

Overall, the Chaos Ready waterproof backpack should be a handy tool in keeping your personal items dry and out of the way. Its strong and reliable materials make it easy to carry and you can safely go swimming, surfing, or rafting with little to no worry.

What You Should Know When Shopping for the Chaos Ready Waterproof Backpack

  • Keep in mind that this backpack doesn’t have any extra side belts so the maximum pressure will go directly to your shoulders.
  • The high-frequency welded seams are strong and great for if you plan to pack heavy items.
  • If you surf, this backpack’s 500 PVC Tarpaulin material won’t damage your wax and won’t absorb it like a fabric bag would.
  • Unfortunately, the front pocket is not waterproof so it’s recommended to seal valuable items inside the backpack and not the front pocket.
  • There’s only the front pocket that exists so if you plan to put multiple items inside the pack, make sure you put them in separate bags for organization.
  • If you mostly cruise on your snowboard and not tend to do huge jumps and tricks, then this backpack would be ideal for snowboarding. However, it doesn’t have a waist strap so it’s not recommended for extreme use.

Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack

Material500D PVC
WeightApprox. 1 pound
Product Dimensions21" x 16" x 10"
SeasonAll seasons
Recommended forBoating, camping, rafting/kayaking, fishing, outdoor trips


The Earth Pak backpack is designed to last you years and is made with 500D PVC material making it completely waterproof. All of its seams are double sealed for extra protection against the elements and its well-built shoulder straps and 30-liter capacity with a chest strap gives you more support.

The bag is easily washable and has a bonus waterproof cell phone carrying pouch. It can handle almost any type of environment, and if you hike a lot. The ergonomic back panels increases comfort and breathability.

The Earth Pak waterproof backpack will help you take a lot of weight off your back and provides the ultimate protection while you travel. It’s especially ideal for if you like to take a lot of things with you on your adventures.

What You Should Know When Shopping for the Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack

  • This backpack has roll down latches so if you wish to get to your items quickly, this can be a slight hassle.
  • The bonus cellphone bag does tend to leak so it’s recommended that you put your phone inside the bag itself.
  • The reinforced contoured shoulder straps are great if you have back and shoulder problems.
  • The front pocket is completely separate from the rest of the backpack so you don’t need to worry about water reaching in through it.
  • The latest version of the pack has a waist strap for extra support and security.
  • There’s also a 55L option if you plan on carrying more or heavier items with you on your trips.

ZOMAKE Ultra Lightweight Waterproof Backpack

MaterialHigh-quality water and tear resistant nylon, reinforced with Bartack Process
WeightApprox. 9 ounces
Product Dimensions4" x 6" when folded, 16.5" x 7.1" x 11.8" unfolded
SeasonAll seasons
Recommended forThe minimalist packer who enjoys a sleek and stylish look and goes on short day-long adventures.


While it may not be robust-looking, the ZOMAKE backpack offers up to 40L of carrying capacity. It has padded shoulder straps for a lot more comfort while traveling and when you’re done with your adventure, it can become really compact when folded and put away.

The chest clips it comes with make it tighter against your body so you don’t have to deal with it jostling around. It additionally has lots of smaller pouches for you to organize and place small things for easy access. The ZOMAKE has the potential to fit lots of supplies so you can enjoy your day trip without worrying about water reaching your necessities.

The ZOMAKE waterproof backpack is great for those day trips over the weekend or even as an everyday bag. It’s super lightweight and even folds into a small pouch for easy storage when you’re not using it.

What You Should Know When Shopping for the ZOMAKE Lightweight Waterproof Backpack

  • There’s a front zipper pocket so you can easily access your smaller and less important items.
  • It’s important not to wash this backpack with liquid detergent or bleach and to let it dry naturally.
  • This isn’t the toughest waterproof pack so make sure it’s not exposed to heavy rain for a long period of time.
  • The left and right side mesh pockets can fit water bottles up to 20 oz tightly and securely.
  • While this backpack can fit a lot, it’s not designed to carry very heavy items. Towels, extra clothes, water bottles, and other lighter items are more ideal to carry in this pack.
  • The bag is made from a lightweight nylon material that’s breathable enough for cold and hot weather.


While any of these choices can do the job, it’s up to you to choose the best waterproof backpack that suits your individual needs.

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